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Our Story

   Making people happy with food has been a

family tradition going way back.

   Starting with Henry Hienie opening a fish store in Hammond, Indiana. Different stores were opened over the years, and today, Hienie's McCarthy's in Orland Park and Hienies on Torrence Ave, are doing well.

   Bob McCarthy Jr. and his siblings

ran the Orland Park business starting in 1978.

   In 1986, Bob opened up his own store in Chicago Ridge and a year later in Tinley Park.

Business was good, so they decided to sell franchises to make the business grow, but quickly realized that selling franchises was not the same as selling Chicken, Fish, and Shrimp.

   In 1997, Bob purchased Big Jim's Pizza in Homer Glen and a few years later bought Steamer's Hot Dogs next door. 

   For 13 years, Bob and his wife Laura enjoyed serving the Community.

   Now, in 2022, Bob, Laura, and their

children; Bobby and Anna, are looking forward to

joining the Homer Glen community once again

and making people happy with our food.


Find our food at your local Ridgeway Petroleum!

Pizza Slices

Chicken Sandwiches

2018-Signature-Crispy-Chicken-Sandwich-on-Brioche-WEB.png - Slice of Pizza Png HD - 756x510.png

Breakfast Sandwiches


And More!

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